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Cohort-based interdisciplinary training to address the needs of a rapidly evolving space industry.

The goal of the Kepler Space Education Program is to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and know-how needed to successfully navigate change and growing space industry, and to support research and development of the human migration to space.


Gain a deeper understanding of leadership styles and their impact in a dynamic environment.


Learn about the challenges to human health while living and working in space to support long-duration space missions.


Gain insights into space sustainability and learn about  strategies to minimize the impact of human activity throughout the space environment.


Examine novel and contemporary contexts of education systems through a multitude of perspectives.


Explore the challenges of crop production in controlled environments & effective management of ecosystems.


Learn about legal, regulatory and policies related to space and emerging challenges to existing frameworks.


Discover the challenges of space exploration, topics include space flight, engineering and sciences related to human migration to space.


Find out about the evolving challenges of the responsible use of available resources in the Solar System.

Experiential Learning

Access professional development and short courses for students looking to learn about space exploration and seeking professional development in space studies. View curated space content for personal enrichment include correspondence courses, lectures, workshops and more!

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SPACE Courses

Provides professional development and short-term courses for students looking to enhance their skills and transition into the Space Industry.

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